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Contract Financing

If your company serves industries that utilize contracts for providing products or services, contract financing may be a valuable financial tool for you. It allows you to tap into the value of contracts and accelerate revenues regardless of the size of your business or the industries you serve.

Like other business capital solutions, contract financing provides cash flow that can be used to fund the needs of daily operations, growth, or capital expenditures. It’s considered an “off balance sheet” form of financing that allows companies focused on growth the freedom to acquire new business without the administrative constraints of typical commercial lending products.

It can help grow your business because it provides you with the cash you need to secure new contracts once thought to be too large because of limits to your existing capital financing.

Whether it’s used to purchase equipment or provide services, monetizing contracts for your product or services provides you access to cash to help fund your business.

SLK can quickly assess your situation and propose financing terms in 2 to 3 business days and, if necessary, we can begin our process with you prior to winning your next contract. Upon approval, we can then transfer funds within 24 hours of closing.