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Our Process

Our straightforward lending process avoids the delays you’ll experience with typical commercial lending institutions. It’s a thoughtful but simple approach to your capital needs that can be summarized in three steps.


Our first objective is to understand your business and your capital needs. We find that even the most successful businesses have times when extra funds can help through difficult times or be the catalyst to help achieve growth. Whatever the case, learning about your situation will help us determine the magnitude and timing of your capital needs. To help us complete this first step and provide additional insight, we’ll ask that you provide some standard financial information.

Evaluating opportunities, a necessary step for all financial institutions, can be time consuming and disconnected. Although this is a formal step in our process, unlike most lending institutions we provide an opportunity to communicate directly with our team. We’ll review the information we’ve gathered and analyze the financial information that you provide. All forms of lending involve assigning risk, but as a part of our evaluation we look for options based on guidelines more than hard rules. Typically this part of our process will occur within two to three business days of receiving your financial information.


We provide commercial lending solutions where the real difference is the flexibility and timeliness of our approach. We’re business people, not bankers. Our success is measured based on financing alternatives that meet your business capital needs. We typically agree on the structure of the financing and offer terms to you in one to two business days. Responding quickly is built into our process and includes advancing funds within 24 hours of closing.